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Innovation of growth

A competitive and reliable partner in the distribution of raw chemicals PDF article

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azienda chimpexCHIMPEX INDUSTRIALE SPA which deals in food additives, base chemicals, detergent agents, composite and plastic materials and solvents market, has become the referential firm for distribution of chemicals in central and southern Italy for the quality of its products, customer service and for post-sales services offered by its brilliant organization.

CHIMPEX was born in 1982 thanks to a Neapolitan businessman that decided to create a dynamic firm that could become the contact between producer and end-user, offering the customers all the help they need to formulate their products.
Services and Assistance are "the Must" of Chimpex that differentiates us from other realities, local and national firms.
Chimpex gives constant attention to its customers by counselling and technical assistance to reach the goal: a long term cooperation that will last in time and bring innovation and progress to all our customers.

CHIMPEX now is the biggest distributor in central and southern Italy. It takes up 45.000 Sq , 9.000 of which for a sheltered warehouse, 4.000 tons of tank farm for corrosive products, 1500 tons of tank farm for solvents.
In Puglia the plant takes up 12.000 ,Sq 2.000 of which for a sheltered warehouse, and 2.000 tons of tank farm.
To be present in southern Italy in the best way possible! Development and Innovation are always of primary importance.
For all of these reasons, conscious of the chemical distribution revolution in Europe, our management constantly works to promote and collaborate with the most important Italian and foreign producers with the intention of giving our customers the best product and best services.

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Sede Principale
Zona Ind.le Loc. Pascarola
80023 Caivano (Na)
Tel: +39 081.8349257 - Fax: +39 081.8349260

Parma - sede operativa
Via Romagnoli 21
43056 S. Polo di Torrile (Pr)
Tel: +39 0521.819134 - Fax: +39 0521.526693

Bari - sede operativa
Via Nickmann 21 Zona Ind.le
70100 - Bari (BA)
Tel.: +39 080.5857154 Fax: +39 080.5313842