Efficient customer services and constant customer care. These are the cornerstones of our management philosophy. Each day we seek to provide high quality products, expertise and experience. We shall ensure that our customers receive effective and constant post-sales care. At Chimpex the customer is always at the centre of company strategies in order to create a long-lasting relationship. Our mission is to be a major player in the distribution of chemical products and ingredients.
The company head office is situated in the industrial district of Caivano, close to Naples. It occupies a surface area of 40,000 sq.m. of which 9.000 sq.m. consist of offices (800 sq.m.) and storage facilities. Our warehouses are organised according to product sector and have a storage capacity of 1.200 cubic metres for solvents and 3,300 cubic metres for other ingredients. We also have 100 above ground storage tanks and 24 underground storage tanks. We also have a chemical testing laboratory, a plant for manufacturing AdBlue®, a plant for manufactuing Acqua Demi distilled water, a water treatment plant, a solvent blending plant, a powder blending plant and a plant for blending basic chemicals. There is another Chimpex plant in Puglia, located in the industrial district of Bari. It occupies a surface area of 12.000 sq.m., of which 2,000 sq.m. consist of a warehouse and 400 sq.m. consist of offices. The Bari factory has a storage capacity of 2,000 cubic metres
Our branch office for northern Italy is situated in Busseto (province of Parma) and occupies a surface area of about 10,000 sq. m. which hosts a storage facility and offices which occupy about 3,500 sq.m. The Busseto office plays a strategic role for the company because it enables us to distribute a vast range of products to northern Italy: these include products for the food industry, composite materials, detergents and cosmetics, and water treatment products.



Chimpex Industriale S.p.A.
Leader in central-southern Italy for the distribution of products and chemical ingredients.


Innovation has always been one a core part of our business strategy which is why we have always focused on developing new techniques.
In conjunction with DIAB and Reichhold we have perfected the infusion technique for producing fibreglass moulds.

Our infusion process begins with a gel coat, a skin coat and the fibreglass. A PVC mould core of the desired shape is then placed and fixed, followed by further layers of glass and parting lines of resin. The vacuum bag is then put into position and the tubes for the resin to enter the mould are attached. After this last step, the resin is infused and, according to the size of the mould, the finished product is ready within a period of one to several hours, with minimum wastage of materials and a reduced environmental impact.

AWe provide our customers with all the materials required to make the finished product, from the resin to consumables, as well as the technical assistance needed to follow the entire process from the application of the fibres to the detachment of the product from the mould. With our infusion process, our customers can benefit from:
– a more rapid production process
– higher quality working conditions
– less wastage of material
– fewer mistakes in execution
– a reduced environmental impact

A modern chemical company should set itself the goal of optimising its impact on the environment in everyday life.

This is the reason why we have developed our fuel additive AdBlue®, a vital ingredient for all new diesel engines for both private and professional use. Thanks to the use of AdBlue®, nitric oxide emissions from car exhausts are reduced, enabling our customers to respect legally required safety and environmental standards. The production of the AdBlue® additive is made at our plant in Caivano and, with the support of an extensive network of suppliers, we can ensure constant and efficient deliveries to our customers throughout Italy.

At Chimpex we pay a great deal of attention to the quality of our goods and services, because our aim is to provide our customers with the best possible service. We believe that customer satisfaction can only be complete by providing excellent service after supplying a product of the highest quality.

Since 1999 our company has received UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification for its management system and our aim is to improve each year.


Since 2002 Chimpex has received ISO 14001:2004 certification (not legally required) for the work we do in order to ensure a constant reduction in the environmental impact of our activities.


Chimpex is ISO 45001 certified for its Health and Safety Management System. An essential commitment for the company to protect against work-related risks.

Integrated Management System Policy

Integrated Management System Policy for the adoption of regulations ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 37001.

Biofuels and Bioliquids

Chimpex is certified for the Sustainability of the Biofuels and Bioliquids Approval System.

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