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Partnership with Aethera Biotech

Commercial partnership with Aethera Biotech

We are proud to present the new commercial partnership signed by Chimpex with Aethera Biotech for the distribution of assets in the Central and Southern Italy areas.
Aethera Biotech is an innovative Italian scientific reality that develops the extraordinary potential of plants to create highly effective cosmetic functional active ingredients. Through a patented green biotechnological process, Aethera Biotech studies and develops plant active ingredients, from meristematic cells, for cosmetic and also nutraceutical use, capable of guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and safety for the benefit of man and the environment.
The range of cosmetic ingredients distributed by Chimpex is enriched with a package of functional active ingredients of high scientific value. We are happy with this collaboration and invite you to contact us to receive more information and a detailed presentation of the Chimpex selection for the Personal Care sector.
“We are very excited to start this new collaboration in which we believe very much” comments Daniele Baghi, CEO of Aethera Biotech. “Without a doubt, for us it represents a strategic partnership that will allow us to be more widespread throughout the peninsula and to strengthen our presence in the Italian territory.”


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